I’ve always been a planner. I’m a true believer in the importance of goals and constantly striving for new levels of success and understanding, but until recently I went about trying to achieve those goals the old-fashioned way: I set them, I created a plan with milestones, and I worked hard until I was satisfied.

A few months ago I read an article that upended my perspective (isn’t it a gift when that happens?). It was a story about Doug Conant, who took over the venerable Campbell Soup Company in the early 2000s. At the time, the business wasn’t doing well at all, and Conant had a huge task in front of him:

Not only did he have to transform Campbell’s performance, but he had to transform the morale of the employees within the company. Without them, he couldn’t succeed — after all, success doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

He did so by making a 10-point promise to employees — and to himself — that focused on integrity, honesty, and transparent communication. And it worked! By reframing the company’s goals and giving it a human perspective, Campbell’s regained its footing. And, in the process, Conant became a leadership legend.

That story really resonated with me and inspired me to shift my thinking. I have goals and personal standards, but what kind of pledge or commitment am I willing to make to those around me? How can I broaden my perspective so I’m not just transforming my life, but committing to others as well?

To fully live up to my purpose, a life of service, I’m reframing my intentions. Here is my code of conduct and pledge to you:

  1. I pledge to act with integrity.
  2. I pledge to be honest with you at all times.
  3. I pledge to respect you.
  4. I pledge to be courteous.
  5. I pledge to first seek to understand YOU.
  6. I pledge to support you in your growth.
  7. I pledge to take full responsibility for my actions.
  8. I pledge to notice what was great about each day.
  9. I pledge to be grateful for the opportunities that I have.
  10. I pledge to live each day with courage and vision, and communicate with those I serve.

What are you willing to pledge to those around you as you continue your leadership journey? I’d really like to know! Please share your thoughts below.